Platine für Drehzahl und Ganganzeige im BMW e36 Cockpit

Platine für Drehzahl und Ganganzeige im BMW e36 Cockpit

Drehzahl und Ganganzeige

8 x 3mm LED mit eingebautem Vorwiderstand,
1 x 7 Segment, 9mm Common Cathode (FYS-3612),
8 x 150 ohm Widerstände

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Morgan GardnerPosted on  2:39 pm - Apr 10, 2018

Can I ask what 7 segment display you used, and how you installed it into the cluster. I have test fitted a 19mm and an 11mm 7 segment display and neither of them seem to suit the cluster.

smogfPosted on  8:27 pm - Aug 23, 2017


I can’t get 7seg display working. I use 74HC595 shift register and all pins seems to be connect correctly. Can anyone post wiring diagram?

    AndreasPosted on  9:30 pm - Aug 23, 2017

    Check Double The pins.
    CA or CC?
    Take a Look in The Datasheet from your 7segment. Test it with a sample code, Counter 0-9.
    Works ?

      smogfPosted on  8:43 pm - Aug 25, 2017

      It works with simple contdown code. Tested both. CA and CC. Differences between CA nad CC is to light one segment 10000000 or 01111111. That I can change in code. Problem is that nothing is displayed, or whole is displayed, or all display flash. I will tommorow once again assemble all parts. But I’ve checked all hundert times.

      smogfPosted on  7:10 am - Aug 26, 2017

      Hi Andreas,
      Thanks for Your reply.

      My sample code, simple countdown work fine. Differences between CA and CC is only that you have to put in high state opposite pins (CA-11110000 is for CC 00001111), so this isn’t a problem just simple changes in code. I have CA. But its not the problem. I have 7seg always on, always off or sometimes it flash. But its still not that what it should be. I will try now to assembly whole parts once again. I have also such flashes (or all on, or all off) on leds connected to second shift register. I think it could be a problem with setting master and slave register. I tried also to put MR in low or high state, but it also dont work. I have no ideas what to do more. Just another try to connect all of it.

      smogfPosted on  9:36 am - Aug 26, 2017

      Hi once again,

      I’ve today assembly all once again and still didnt work. I had time to closer look:
      1. Without RPMLeds. Dont work. Take a closer look into code. Delete SPI.Transfer(RPM… – Bazigna!! Shift Indicator work.
      2. With RPM Leds and full code. Dont work. Delete line as before. Work. WIth line no, but leds flash randomly. So…. not exactly randomly. I switched LEDs with 7seg. Boom. 7seg works. Leds unfortunately always on.
      Conclusion: at first shift register I have RPM Leds, on second 7seg display.
      3. Potentio to leds work. But I can get them lighting in order with RPMs.

      Good that 7seg work. I can live without rev meter (for now) 😀

LarsPosted on  8:38 am - Mai 25, 2017

Mit welchem Sketch abschnitt bekomme ich das in die Basis.ino oder ist das schon bei einer Enhanced mit drin? Finde das Leider nicht.

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